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Saturday, November 29th, 2008 | Author: Ozzik


I decided not to do the “about” page meanwhile, so instead I’m gonna try giving you some impressions here.

Anyway, working as a computer technician/systems administrator/IT manager, I’ve got some knowledge I acquired over the years and decided it was time to give something back.

In no way I’m saying that the way I do things is the right and the only way.

Very possible that you already know about much easier and better ways to do it. In that case, I’d love for you to share with us.

So, to start up things, I’d only like to mention some stuff I love working with and most probably will write about:

pfSense firewall, Squid caching proxy, Ubuntu Linux Server and Desktop editions,Hobbit monitor, Ntop, Splunk logging system, Backtrack, Openfiler storage solution, FreeNAS, Apache, MySQL, Alteon Web OS, Cisco, Active Directory, IIS… and some other stuff I can’t remember just now.

Additionally I’ll probably post some thoughts on my other areas of liking. Like the new Gn’R album:)

Anyway, good luck 2 me! :)


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