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Friday, December 12th, 2008 | Author: Ozzik

so, it’s night time over here and somehow I don’t feel like talking about computers.
Instead, I wanna tell you about the movies I’ve seen lately and the music I’ve listened to.
Let’s start with the video part.
As for the movies, I can just say that the best movie of this year was definitely the one I saw last week - Zack and Miri make a porno. It was just in the best traditions of Kevin Smith: lots of sophisticated(and not so much) humor, great actors and very nice actresses… and well, some porn:)
Not too much sense in telling you the plot, as you better see it for yourself.
By the way, I liked the way he casted Katie Morgan as Casey, as she is a real porn star, and also… Traci Lords… well, we all know her story. But my true love goes to Elizabeth Banks (Miri), because she’s really close to my definition of a perfect woman.
Anyway, watch it ASAP, you don’t know what you’re missing!

TV… luckily, I don’t own one. Well, I do have the TV set, but I don’t actually have cables or satellite. I built a media center and I know how to use the Internet, why would I need anything else, right?:)
But sometimes (not very often, really) they do have some nice shows there, and last week I discovered “Samantha who?”. Now, I know it’s in its second season, but I never heard about it before.
For those that have seen it - I don’t think you need another review on it, but for those who haven’t - it’s a very nice show, reminded me of “My name is Earl” very much, but I got tired after less than 2 seasons watching that one. “Samantha”, on the other hand, is much more interesting, and maybe …easier(?) to watch. It’s about a girl, who’s been in an accident/coma and now has amnesia. She wakes up to realize she was a real bitch and tries to improve her life and become a nicer person. Doesn’t require much thinking and therefore is a good show to watch after work, just to relax. Also, Christina Applegate from “Married… with Children” (Kelly) is playing Samantha, so…:)

While on the subject, some other shows I’ve been watching lately: Prison Break is finally coming to an end (hopefully). After a great first season and a lousy second and third (I don’t even know why I kept on watching it), they made an excellent progress with this last fourth season. Still crappy and stupid story, but very dynamic and great action guaranteed to keep you in the chair for those 40 min every episode.
Lost is long awaited as always and will come to us in January. This is the one I’m really counting on to start up my weekends.
The original UK series “The IT crowd” is in its third and meanwhile slow season. But they still make me giggle for 20 min every Friday. Although not much of an “IT” lately, but still recommended.
Another surprise came to me last week - “Curb your Enthusiasm” actually has a sixth season, which I didn’t even know about. Have it downloaded already, maybe will see it this weekend. I like this show.
What else… oh, yeah, something that might sound weird: “90210″. The new one. It’s actually really good. I was a big fan of the original. I think everyone was in the 90’s. If you’re new to this - just don’t get too shocked by the first episode and you’re good to go. Everyone I know who’s watched it, so far love it.
Anyway, I better stop, before I start writing about my 3 favorite sitcoms: Friends, Married… with Children and Seinfeld. And that could take a while:)

Ok, now for the music I’ve been listening to lately.
Well, there were actually few new albums and some new names(to me, that is).
Chinese Democracy by Guns n’Roses (Axl Rose, really). It’s an amazing piece of work. Something that was definitely worth the 15 years of waiting. Lots of styles mixed up, great music, great vocals, amazing guitar. Still good old Gn’R, while having a fresh modern sound. And the important thing, with all the choices today, when you can actually change CDs every day, I have this album for more than 2 weeks in the car now and I don’t get tired of it at all. Absolutely recommended.

Speaking of the new albums, other monsters of rock gave us some new material.
Metallica and AC/DC had new albums this year. Both suck. Yep. I couldn’t go through the Metallica’s new one, while desperately trying to like it. Some of the first compositions reminded me of the “…And Justice For All”, but they were nowhere near that good. Most of them were just a lot of noise. But, hey! maybe I’m exaggerating. Maybe it’s just not something to listen to at 9 o’clock on the way to work, a?:) But probably not: I can listen to “Kill’em All” any time, any day.
AC/DC did not make so much noise, but besides some really “poppy” songs and some other regular AC/DC stuff, there was not much to this record, although it did hit some high places in hit-parades. Maybe I’m just over them or any “standard” hard and heavy band for that matter. I’m not 15 anymore.
So don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight.
See ya.


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