The server every admin needs, part 2
Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 | Author: Ozzik

Plone is a documentation server. It’s actually a very rich and configurable CMS, but this is what I use it for.

It’s in Ubuntu’s repositories, but please do yourself a favor and don’t touch that. I entered a 5 hour movie trying to set it up from there to no success. So we’re going to simply install it from the unified installer they have on their website. Download it from here. Let’s go.

You can read about some options you have before the installation, like root or non-root, zeo or not. Decide for yourself. I’m just gonna describe the way I did it.

tar zxf Plone-3.VERSION-UnifiedInstaller.tar.gz

change the version number there.

cd Plone-3.VERSION-UnifiedInstaller
sudo ./ zeo

That’s it!:)


sudo /usr/local/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl start

Now check your installation at http://yourserverip:8081 or 8080 and enter the pass you got after the installation. Change the password.

It’s time to install what we really need - the help center: FAQ, Guides, Howto’s and so on. You’ll see.

sudo nano /usr/local/Plone/zeocluster/buildout.cfg

change the [productdistros] section to the following:

recipe = plone.recipe.distros
urls =
nested-packages =
version-suffix-packages =
cd /usr/local/Plone/zeocluster/
sudo ./bin/buildout

go to http://ipofserver:8080/manage, Control Panel (on the left), and restart Plone.

Next, go to the Plone site itself: http://ipofserver:8080/Plone, login with admin and click on “Site Setup” in the upper right corner, click on “add-on products” and install help-center. Now go to the “Home” tab, then “Contents” tab. Do you see the Green line - there’s the “add new” button on the right. Press it and add the “help center”. You’re done.
Learn to work with it - it’s amazing. How do you think I manage to remember all the stuff I write about here? I just copy it from there:)

I’m attaching the /etc/init.d/ script for Plone I use: here.

Next we have Splunk, syslog-ng and a little surprise.

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