M$ 7 and VirtualBox
Sunday, October 04th, 2009 | Author: Ozzik

Forgot to tell you. I have the need to run the M$ OS at home for work purposes sometimes, so I used to have the XP on VMWare server 2.0, and it was sooo annoying, especially the slow awakening. I tried the VirtualBox once in the past and it didn’t have the bridged networking out of the box, so I blew it off.

But now I decided to give it another shot. Plus they finally added the bridged network. And since I had to do the fresh install anyway, I decided to give the M$ 7 a shot. Well, I can sum up with this: I’m really happy with the speed - it simply flies. The so called OS from Redmond still sucks. It’s the same crappy thing that gave them the “great” reviews last year, but a bit faster. I’m using the final release from July or something.

So before you run buying this piece of shit with a brand new PC or a laptop - think twice. It’s the same, just a bit faster than the previous one. Why am I not returning to XP? Because clearly they decided to move in this direction (look at win 2008 server - it’s pure vista) and I gotta keep up.


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