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Sunday, October 04th, 2009 | Author: Ozzik

OK, you know what? It’s almost midnight and since I’m not ready to go to bed just yet, I thought of something I can write about. I know it’s no interest to anyone, but hey, it’s my blog, right?:)

So I decided to write about my home setup.

I have a 1 bedroom apartment, with 1 balcony from the living room and 1 from the kitchen. And guess what? Each and every room/balcony has a PC in it:) Go ahead, laugh. But it’s not because I’m crazy - it’s just my comfort. Well, mostly:)

So I have a pfSense firewall installed on an old Dell Latitude x300. The laptop sits in a docking station on a shelf of my desk. It’s not as power consuming as a regular PC, and it’s totally silent. I added a PCMCI network card (Edimax, $20) to it and replaced the Wi Fi card with the one that can be an access point (Intel, can’t remember the model) and voila! It replaces the router most users have at home, but can you really compare the power of this laptop and the quality and functionality of this software with the $50 router?

Anyway, the pfSense is connected to a switch. From there it goes to my primary PC, which I already had mentioned. It’s an AMD quad core Phenom 9850 black edition, on Asus M3A78 Pro, 4GB of RAM, Asus EN9400GT (Nvidia) graphics card.

I’m proud to say that recently I finally purchased the Samsung SyncMaster T240 24″ Monitor. Plus I had my previous 19″ Samsung SyncMaster 930B, so they’re now connected in TwinView configuration, and I gotta tell you - I’m pretty happy with it.

Sound-wise, I have the old Creative Live! card, which works OK for me, so I never thought of replacing it, and my speakers are also pretty old: Creative 4.1 that are easily 7 years old. But don’t worry - this is mostly for just watching some crap on youtube, or maybe checking whether the new downloaded media file has sound.

For music listening I have my old and faithful Luxman R-1040 receiver with 2 huge Magnum speakers connected to the card and to my Denon DN-600F CD player (I still have about a thousand CDs at home. Why, don’t you?). Not to shock you, but I also have a Thorens TD-150, made in Germany, connected to the same receiver. Oh, that’s a turntable. And it’s from 1965. And yes, I do use from time to time, because yes - it’s that special warm sound.

Up until recently I had a JVC Double Cassette Deck with separate equalizer, but since I now have most of my cassettes in digital formats, I decided to disconnect it.

Anyway, the switch I previously mentioned is connected to another small switch, which splits the network to 2 more places: the HTPC in my living room and the lab on the big balcony.
The HTPC setup was already described here, so I’m not gonna repeat myself, and the lab is pretty simple. It’s a monitor/KB/Mouse with KVM for 2 PCs and some other stuff, like the alternative Access Point, network printer, another switch and a lot of crap needed for testing and fixing whatever arrives.

And the last cable goes to the small balcony in the kitchen. That’s where my fileserver is. With FreeNAS, of course. It has 4 hard drives and a few fans, so it’s kinda noisy and has to be somewhere I’m usually not - in the kitchen:) Well, I’m not really a cook. I mostly come there to make a cup of coffee or just hit something up in the microwave.

So, what do we learn from all this? That I’m not only a computer-psycho, but I’m also an audio freak, although not a crazy audiophile - you gotta be rich for that kinda hobby.
And since this post will probably not be read by anyone, as nobody cares about the shit I have at home, I just wasted the last hour of this weekend.

Oh well,


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