Expand RAID6 with 3ware and Openfiler
Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 | Author: Ozzik

Had some problems last week with expanding the RAID6 I have on a storage with Openfiler. This is what was needed to be done:
I have a storage with 16 hard drives for storage+2 for the OS. When I built it almost 3 years ago the idea was to have 1 RAID6 with 14 drives and 1 RAID1 with 2 drives obviously. Don’t ask me why - it was stupid to begin with and thus was never really used (the RAID1 that is). But came the time when we needed that additional space of 2 drives and the decision was to cancel the RAID1 and add the spare drives to the main RAID6, expanding the existing space.

The RAID controller is 3ware 9650se and after reading the manual it seemed pretty simple: delete the RAID1, have the spare drives and do the RAID6 migration to include them. After the initialization(is this the right word?) I was supposed to have the 25-26TB of space instead of the existing 22.

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