Azureus/Vuze hangs on new torrents
Monday, October 19th, 2009 | Author: Ozzik

This morning I woke up and first thing I did was finding and starting to download the new “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode. Imagine my surprise when instead of actually starting, Azureus (now Vuze) turned grey (I have compiz installed) and hanged. I repeated the process, re-downloaded the torrent - no success.

From the comments on mininova I realized I wasn’t the only one. The guys suggested to upgrade Azureus, so I did. Restarted - nothing, it just hangs the minute you open this specific torrent.

So I went to, which is the original releaser of the torrent and saw a topic regarding the issue. The topic linked to the azureus’ FAQ, which said that they do know about the recent problem and they did release a fix, so all you have to do is upgrade. But I did that already!

So the other suggestion they had is to turn off this option:
Tools–>Options–>Connection: Uncheck the “Prompt for selection when a download with an anonymous tracker is added”. Well, that did the trick!
Hope it helps someone.


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