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Windows 2008 on IBM x335 - no-go!
Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 | Author: Ozzik

well, here’s one for you:
I had to set up a server last week. It had to be win2008 on an IBM x335. Now, most of you will just say: so? Let me tell you. The chances you can get it to work are pretty much 50/50. In my case it was a big fat 0.

There are two things you’ll be struck by: optical drive and SCSI controller. The first one was not that much of a problem for me, but it sure can be for you. You see, the Redmond guys decided that in 2008 (and later) there’s no chance you have a CD-ROM drive in you server. Because all new servers come with DVD now. Which is true. But what about the older ones? As far as M$ is concerned: it’s your problem - deal with it. The only format win2008 comes in is DVD.

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Openfiler issues (continued)
Wednesday, December 03rd, 2008 | Author: Ozzik

Ok, as promised, the network issue solution:

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