Storage servers
Thursday, December 25th, 2008 | Author: Ozzik

so before I tell you all about backing up the openfiler via rsync, I thought I should tell you about how we dealt with the servers themselves, the storages that is.
Just so you understand - I prefer white boxes over brands. Storage-wise anyway.
Why? I’ll explain.
I had to deal with purchasing the storages this past couple of months, so I talked to a lot of dealers.
Man, did they piss me off! You see, they don’t offer to sell you hardware anymore, they offer a solution. Yeah, this new fancy word in the industry. We offer a solution. It’s like they think they invent something so complicated that only they have it, and only they can manage and support it, and eventually you have to pay them like a zillion dollars for something you should call “a solution” and be proud of it.

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